Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 7 - If At First You Don't Succeed...

Here we are again with more GCRPG related Sims madness!  Today you get a nice, long blog post because I had extra free time today.  Yay!  So, let's start with Victor, who is feeling a bit jealous when he spots Kory flirting with Jason.  But really, it's a waste of time being jealous about Kory - she flirts with everyone!

Harvey seems to have decided to redouble his efforts to find a spouse this week, but Nina is not interested.

Perhaps it's the friction with Victor that prompts Kory to choose a couch over a bed, even though Hawkgirl was in a double bed and would have shared.

Spring has well and truly hit come upon us, and even Tim steps away from the computer to enjoy the warmer weather.  Albeit in the middle of the night - must have gotten that from Bruce.

Speaking of Bruce - Hey, don't walk in on Nina when she's in the bath!  Don't you ever knock?  Especially since nobody seems to lock any doors...  But as the Sims to bathrooms ratio is not favorable, it's bound to happen.

To shake off his embarrassment, he heads outside and earns his black belt.

Our contestants have been in the house for weeks now, and yet nobody has seemed interested in the hot tub until now.  Though I'm not surprised that it's Selina who is first.

When she's finished, she spots Nina and flirts a little.  It seems like all the ladies especially love to flirt with each other.

Then again, some of the ladies are more interested in catching up on their martial arts skills.

But everyone has their own idea of fun, and it seems that this house encourages our contestants to try things they normally wouldn't.  Nina's enjoying the sprinkler.

Though, Victor, I really have to ask - couldn't you have tried snow boarding during the winter instead of waiting for spring?

Hawkgirl, on the other hand, sees no reason to try anything new, and probably hasn't spent an entire day without dancing to the radio.

Stargazing is definitely not a normal activity for Two-Face, though.  Especially since he seems to dislike stars.

Hmm, is it just me, or do these two seem to be on an unofficial date?  Eating green snowcones together at 2pm in their pajamas?  I think that counts as a date...

Which is perhaps why Jason tracked Nathaniel down in the Arcade and let him have it for no other reason that I can determine.  Jason has been paying Selina a lot more attention lately...  Though Nathaniel, being a rather nice guy, doesn't retaliate from the unexplained slap to the face so the situation goes no further.

Hawkgirl, meanwhile, has finally earned her blue belt!  Lots of work left if she wants to catch up to the others, though.

And Jason, like I said, has been paying Selina a lot of attention.  Given the contest, you wonder if he means it or just wants her vote, but perhaps since things don't seem to be going anywhere with her and Bruce he figures he has a chance.

Victor seems to be a bit displaced since his friend Kara was voted out last week, but he seems to have decided to make Nathaniel his replacement catch-playing buddy.  Even if Nathaniel drops it a lot more than he catches it.

For the slightly more daring version of that game, there's always a water balloon fight.  Dinah seems like a rather tough opponent.

Since things have cooled with Victor, Kory's once again sharing her bed with Hawkgirl.  There's no cuddling here, but they do dream about their favorite things.

Two-Face vents some anger at everyone refusing to marry him by playing wack-a-gnome.

But Wednesday has arrived, and once again Kory has won the reward of picking the group to go to the spring festival.  This time she chose Tim, Jason, Selina, Two-Face, and Hawkgirl to go with her.

The main activity of interest seems to be searching for eggs, and Tim managed to walk away with the most.

Though this festival was more of a bust for the group than the last one - once again, we've got someone taking a nap, but most weren't in the mood to stay long even so and went home.  Oh well, at least they all stayed long enough to be rid of their Stir Crazy moodlets.

After finding the most eggs, Tim found something else that was more his style to do at the park - never mind that it isn't very spring related.

Jason stayed later than most of the rest as well, taking a shining to the horseshoe pit.

Of course, some of our contestants at home take advantage of Jason's distraction to work on their skills without him watching.

Kory, interestingly enough, wandered away from the festival early but didn't go home.  Instead she met this lovely helmet-wearing woman near the diner and talked with her for hours before she decided to head back.

And when she did get back, it seems that she patched things back up with Victor as well.  It's cute how they're both dreaming of home...

Dinah decided to stay up late that evening to train, and it paid off in the form of a black belt.

Two-Face got mad a Harvey and decided to strangle him.  That doesn't work too well...

Kory gave him a hug later - the two of them are friends now.  Kory has four friends in fact: Harvey, Jason, Hawkgirl, and Tim.

Perhaps spurred on by her encouragement, he tries asking for Nina to marry him again.  The answer is still no.

No, not Nathaniel either.

No, Selina's not interested either.

One last training session, and Bruce has his black and gold belt!

The Sims who have left the house are still important to this contest - they're the ones who chooses the winner once we're down to the final two.  Therefore, it's important to keep in touch with those who have left, if only by phone call.  I let any former contestant who wants to talk to a current contestant do so.  Jeremiah's been keeping in touch with Hawkgirl.

Once the call is over, she discovers that Kory's been making more friends the hard way - by being disappointed in her search for a free bed because Jason's already sharing with Kory.  Alas!

This is the third time you've asked Nina this week - and it's still no!

No, Bruce doesn't want to marry you either.

Victor tries to wallop some sense into Two-Face with a pillow, but I don't think it worked.

Selina tries again with Bruce, but it's very slow going...

Once that awkwardness is over, he heads downstairs to spend some quality time with Tim, and they're joined by Kory.  Based on their expressions, it seems that Bruce is winning and Tim is doing well, but Kory is about to lose.


Though perhaps it's because he's trying so hard that Nina's now friends enough with Harvey to consent to share a bed with him on this the last night of Week 7, though it's completely platonic bed sharing.

Unlike, for example, the way Bruce and Selina share a bed...

But Kory, surprisingly, sleeps alone in the double bed she snagged this last night - though it appears she got a good idea while she was dreaming.

When morning comes it's time to vote, and with three votes Tim is the next contestant to leave the house - it seems that spending all day on the computer and overall being boring doesn't help you in this contest.

And after a tiebreaker vote, Nina gets four and is the next to leave.

As they are leaving, Harvey earns his yellow belt!  Though he'd rather show you his swim shorts instead...

And that's the end of Week 7!  The Pink room has now been locked - which seems to be a big loss to the household given how used it is.  (I had to kick four Sims out of it before I could lock it!)  The shower/tub will be especially missed - we now have nine Sims sharing four toilets, two showers, and seven places to sleep if all three double beds are shared at night.  Having friends is now becoming more and more mandatory.  So stay tuned to see what happens next time!

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