Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week 8 - The Definition of Insanity

Hmm, I've been really cranking out these blog posts, haven't I?  I'm sure that the fact that I have a killer idea for a new challenge but have promised myself not to play it until I'm done with this project has nothing to do with it...  Anyway, here is Bruce and Selina, bonding over their mutual enjoyment of trampolining in very non-athletic clothing.

Dinah's efforts to train up her martial arts finally pays off in the form of a black and gold belt - the very top honor a Sim martial artist can earn.

Incidentally, the last teenager in the house was voted out last week, so skinny dipping is now considered acceptable in this house for those so inclined.  Hawkgirl seems eager to take advantage of that.


All this rejection seems to have fueled Two-Face's desire to be better at kicking people's butt for some reason.  Were he not so keen on wearing his regular suit instead, he'd be showing off his orange belt right now.

And, likewise, this would be his green belt.  Way to channel that anger!

Hawkgirl, meanwhile, has finally earned her brown belt.

Incidently, brown belts do not protect a Sim against getting off the trampoline the hard way at all.  Ouch!


Hawkgirl isn't the only one who is enjoying having all the teenagers out of the house...

Apparently Victor is not interested in discussing Selina's cats, and she is not happy about that.

The middle of the week arrives, and with it the vote to see who gets to pick who's going to the diner for dinner.  Kory wins by a landslide with six votes, and invites Jason, Two-Face, Nathaniel, and Hawkgirl to join her.  They're all happy to be going somewhere indoors since it's been hailing all day.

After they eat, Kory runs into that helmet wearing lady from last week again.  And, incidentally, I'm quite proud of the custom umbrellas I made for all the contestants.

They all hang out outside of the diner for a little bit after they eat, and run into a pair of familiar faces.  Which brings up an interesting factoid - all of the contestants who have to leave the house during the same week are living together.  So Black Mask lives with Mary, and they don't like each other much.  And Nathaniel seems to find this hilarious.

Kory and Hawkgirl stay late at the diner for a couple of drinks, and by the time they get home the rest of the contestants have gone to bed if they could find a place.  Fortunately for Kory, Jason was the first one home and was happy to share a double bed with her.  Hawkgirl, on the other hand, ended up napping on the couch until a bed became available.


Again channeling his anger into martial arts, Two-Face earns his blue belt.  Or he would, if he'd wear it.


And, moments later:  Nope.  In fact, though Nathaniel was nice about saying no the first time, the second time he actually laughed at Two-Face.  Which didn't go over well.

Neither did the fact that Kory took this one as a joke.  He was being serious!

With the week nearing its end, the pressure is on to improve relationships to avoid the dreaded vote off.  Selina's actually the one who asked Victor for a game of catch - no doubt to make sure he won't be voting for her.

Hawkgirl, in a more secure position as Kory's best friend, doesn't need to worry about the votes and instead concentrates on earning her black belt.  One more to go!

Victor and Kory's relationship fluctuates a lot more - seems like she's flirting with someone new every time his back is turned, but every time he gets upset about it she wins him back over.

Speaking of fluctuating relationships, Selina and Bruce abruptly get the closest to first base anyone in the house ever has.  And then immediately afterward Bruce spots Selina flirting with Victor and they're back to square one again.

Hawkgirl cheers him up by asking him to dance - and he actually manages to keep up with her too.

But when the votes are tallied, he's the first one out this week when he gets five of them - mostly because he never did interact with most of the household much.

And he's followed by Dinah, who seems to be paying the price for focusing so much on her attention on her martial arts instead of the other contestants.  She gets three votes and has to leave as well.

But now Week 8 is over!  The green room has been locked, meaning that the house has nothing but three double beds for our seven contestants to fight over - hopefully they learn to share even more.  And I hope everyone is looking forward to Week 9, as it's going to be a special one.

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