Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 9 - A Day in the Life of Hawkgirl

10:34am - Shayera Hol, better known as Hawkgirl, has been randomly selected to be the first contestant I spend a day stalking.  It's Leisure Day, and I suspect the game may encourage Sims to lounge about on this day given how they keep fighting over the patio furniture all of the sudden.  Her day starts just after the contestants from last week left, with her having snagged a place to sit.  But she's not one to sit still for too long.

11:23am - 11:45am - As a computer whiz, she enjoys playing video games on the computer, though it doesn't take her long to fill up on Fun and head off to find other things to do.

12:18pm - She heads downstairs and snags a Tofu Dog from the kitchen, grabbing one from a group meal Victor made awhile ago.

12:34pm - It's a beautiful, sunny day today so she enjoys it out on the patio.

1:02pm - 1:52pm - As she was finishing up, she got a phone call from Harley and they chatted for the better part of an hour.

2:21pm - 4:22pm -When the phone call was over, she asked Jason to dance with her in the living room, and they spent two hours shaking their booty.

5:26pm - When Jason finally had to call it quits to have a potty break, she went back upstairs to relax on the balcony again.

6:56pm - 10:55pm - Once she had enough of just sitting around, she went downstairs to practice her board breaking skills.  As a black belt martial artist, she can handle five stone blocks without too much trouble.  She didn't quit until she was completely fatigued.

11:14pm - Of course by then she had other business to attend to.

11:38pm - Not to mention stinking up a storm.  And unfortunately for her, by the time she was out of the shower all of the beds were claimed and Kory wasn't alone in one.

12:33am -1:03am - Oh well, that just mean she has more time to dance, right?

Quick interruption to announce that Harvey has earned his brown belt, whether he's willing to wear it or not.

1:27am - 1:31am - Perhaps trying to distract herself from how sleepy she is, she tries playing more computer games, but that doesn't last long.

2:10am - Maybe an early morning snowcone will help?  If only someone would wake up so she could steal their bed!

2:20am - Taking it into the dining room, she joins Two-Face, who is already eating a snowcone of his own.

3:25am - When she was finished, she figured that she might as well try napping on one of the balcony chairs, but Two-Face stops her on the way to ask her to take out the trash.

4:02am - Nothing like chores just before dawn when you haven't slept, right?

4:43am - Fortunately, by then Jason's vacated the bed in the Yellow room so she can finally get some sleep.

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