Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 9 - A Day in the Life of Victor

8:03am - Victor starts his day with a red snowcone for breakfast.

8:22am - Which he eats in the dining room with Two-Face, who is eating some of his leftover mac and cheese.

8:51am - When he's finished, he heads outside to tell a flirtatious joke to Kory, who responds in kind.

9:33am - On his way back inside, he's suddenly stopped by Hawkgirl who decides to slap him for no reason I can determine.  Perhaps she doesn't like him getting close to her best friend?

10:10am - They try to talk it out, but that doesn't go so well.

10:32am - Once that messy conversation is over, he heads inside and cleans the bad food out of the fridge - perhaps he's remembering that hotdog a few days ago and doesn't want a repeat.

10:48am - That done, he also notices an old newspaper in the front yard and disposes of it.

11:39am - Perhaps feeling he's done enough chores for the day, he goes to the Living room to play video games - never mind that Kory's using the virtual reality set and standing in the way of the big screen.

12:08pm - Though he's hardly gotten started when Two-Face interrupts him to talk about how foggy it is today.

12:16pm - However, Two-Face is a Mean Sim, so Victor's not inclined to like him much.

12:31pm - After that he has a quick bathroom break, wisely choosing to stand when he sees how dirty the toilet is... ew...

1:01pm - Snowcones, like I've said before, aren't very filling so it's time for another one!

1:20pm - He eats it all alone in the Dining room.

1:56pm - Time for some exercise!  He heads to the trampoline and even does a few flips while he's at it.

2:50pm - Sadly, he gets off the trampoline the hard way.

3:20pm - Picking himself up and dusting himself off, he decides to interrupt Jason's session with the martial arts training dummy to express his interest in stealing a mummy's treasure.  Jason does not appreciate this.

4:17pm - Fortunately Kory arrives to talk to Jason and manages to ease his annoyance.  As they're currently back to being friends, she doesn't mind listen to him talk about how he doesn't believe in fairies at all.

5:13pm - Heading back inside, he decides it's high time he had a bath, which he enjoys with a rubber ducky.

6:25pm - Once he's all clean, he decides to try talking to Jason about stealing that mummy's treasure again, but Jason still isn't interested.  Fortunately, Jason changes the subject and they end up having a decent conversation.  That seems to be Victor's normal pattern, actually: he starts talking about something another Sim isn't interested in, but they change the subject and it turns out well in the end.

7:05pm - It's been too long since his last one, so after talking to Jason Victor snags another snowcone.

7:54pm - Then he interrupts Kory's conversation with Selina to try and explain his disbelief in fairies to Selina, but she's not much interested.  Kory goes back to talking to Selina for a bit while Victor watches somewhat awkwardly.

9:10pm - But the moment that Kory leaves, Selina decides to turn on the charm a little.

9:27pm -11:56pm -When Selina leaves in search of a bathroom, Victor decides to try his hand at a virtual reality action adventure game.  His adventures included:

Witnessing a hair-singing explosion is one thing.  Surviving one is entirely another.  The bad guys will rue the day they failed to kill Grant... Victor Grant.

The Captain keeps yelling at Victor and threatening to take his badge.  Victor doesn't care about the badge - just bringing criminals to justice!

12:17am - By the time he leaves virtual reality, all the house's beds are claimed.  So he makes himself useful by saving some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Two-Face made.

12:33am - Then it's time for, you guessed it, another snowcone.

12:44am - which he decides to enjoy outside - never mind that it's raining and in the middle of the night.

1:24am - Time for another bathroom break, sitting this time as someone was kind enough to clean up in here.

1:44am - After that, he stops Hawkgirl in the hallway to talk about how he has real friends instead of those imaginary ones some people have.  She's not interested.

2:22am - Though maybe it was a ruse because immediately after that they both noticed that Nathaniel's awake already and rushed to claim his bed.  Victor won, and spent the rest of his day sleeping.

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