Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 9 - A Day in the Life of Selina

8:06am - 10:28am - Selina's day starts with her playing video games with Two-Face while they discuss spa treatments, apparently.  She's been up for awhile already but is still in her night clothes.

10:49am - When she's had enough of that, she notices that someone has left a dirty plate outside and takes it to the dishwasher.

11:09am - After she does that, Kory apparently has some juicy gossip to pass along.

11:47am - Sadly, the plate she put in the dishwasher was apparently one too many and the appliance breaks.  Selina takes it upon herself to mop up the mess as Two-Face is punished for standing around doing nothing by being assigned to call the repairman.

12:28pm - When she's finished, she tracks down Jason and complains to him about the dirty dishes.

12:48pm - Two-Face then steps in to talk about conspiracies with Selina.  She responds by flirting.  Incidentally, the entire household was in the Living room when the pic was taken: that's Jason's arm on the far left, and Victor was playing video games off camera to the right.

1:18pm - Once that bit of socializing is over, Selina heads to the bathroom for a shower and to finally get dressed for the day.

1:54pm-3:12pm - After her shower she decides to play a virtual reality sci-fi adventure, though she doesn't get too far into it before she's interrupted by a phone call for an opportunity she can't take:

"All scientists to the containment lab!" screeched the loudspeaker.  Space Marine Lt. Selina isn't a scientist, but nobody was going to keep her from seeing the intergalactic vermin capture on the system's third moon.

3:40pm - That's when she notices an old newspaper in the front yard.  One of these happens every day.

4:30pm - By now she's really in need of a bathroom break.

4:41pm - But, unlike many Sims before her, she decides to clean the toilet when she's through.

5:23pm - 6:15pm - Perhaps feeling like she deserves to relax, Selina settles down for a game of Gnubb.  To play it, a Sim has to knock over all the rabbits on the opposite side, and then knock over the king in the middle.  As Selina's playing by herself, she's just practicing.

Quick interruption to announce that Two-Face has earned his black and gold belt - the highest rank in Sim martial arts.

7:00pm - Time for another snowcone!

7:18pm - Trust her to know how to make eating a snowcone look sexy...  Mrow!

7:35pm - She keeps looking at the corner of the room, where Victor and Kory are flirting and Nathaniel is being a third wheel, even as she clears a plate someone left on the table.

8:21pm - Perhaps inspired by the flirting going on inside, she heads outside to flirt a little with Two-Face.

9:03pm - Though they're interrupted by Kory, who has a funny story to tell Two-Face.  Selina keeps trying to flirt, but the mood is spoiled.  Eventually Two-Face asks Kory to go take out the trash and she agrees.

9:40pm - Selina heads back inside and decides to try a fantasy virtual reality game, but she doesn't get very far before she's too tired to keep playing.

10:57pm - 6:09am - She manages to snag the bed in the Rainbow room.  Hawkgirl had been sleeping there, but was woken up by Kory and Two-Face when they started up a conversation while she was trying to sleep.  Selina, however can sleep through that so that's no problem.

6:33am - Of course the first thing Selina does when she wakes up is grab a snowcone.

7:21am - Then she finds Hawkgirl in the Living room and they have a quick chat.  Hawkgirl invites her to have a water balloon fight, and her day ends as they head outside to go do that.

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