Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 9 - A Day in the Life of Two-Face

8:07am - Two-Face's day of being stalked starts with him speaking absolute madness to Nathaniel.  Who is, naturally, creeped out by this.

8:42am - But they're soon interrupted by Kory who, as you may recall from the last blog post, is eager to complain to Nathaniel about the dishes.  Two-Face listens in on their conversation for awhile.

10:31am - But he's hungry, so he soon tires of listening to them talk and heads down to the kitchen to find something to eat.  Red snowcones make him angry.

10:43am - Though he seems to like it well enough when he sits down next to Hawkgirl to eat it.  Hawkgirl appears to be on a coffee bender - drinking coffee to fix your caffiene withdrawals is a vicious cycle.

Quick interruption because I couldn't not take a pic of this.

11:24am-11:36am - After his snowcone, Harvey decides that it's time to work on his martial arts for a bit.  After all, it might help him with the ladies, right?  Especially if done while wearing a suit.

11:53am - Actually, it works faster than expected, as Selina soon interrupts him for a quick chat and even a little flirting.  But then she heads off to attempt to hide Nathaniel's clothes before he gets out of the hot tub but sadly she's just a moment too late.

12:44pm-3:03pm - Pleased with the results of that, Two-Face does what any man would do after catching a lady's attention - playing with the virtual reality goggles for over two hours in his best clothes.  Adventures experienced:
  • Grand Wizard Franklin never quite prepared Harvey for the awesome, destructive power of the Explosive Fireball Incantation.  Obviously the name should have provided some indication, but wow, fire!
  • Ogres really are a troubling sort.  So picky about their caves, how one should enter them, what gifts are and are not acceptable to bring them.  For future reference, swords are not acceptable.  The ogre probably wouldn't have eaten Harvey otherwise.

3:26pm - When he's finished with virtual reality, he decides that it's high time he did something for real.  Like propose to Jason.  Naturally, Jason said no.

3:47pm - Perhaps hoping to salvage the situation, Kory interrupted to talk to Jason, only for Harvey to speak absolute madness to her.  She was creeped out by this.

4:21pm - 5:54pm - Frustrated by his failures, he decides to do something he's good at - practicing his martial arts some more.  Wearing his suit, naturally.

6:22pm - Though he's only able to do that for so long before he needs a bathroom break.  Incidentally, a swimming suit is the best bathroom attire - everyone knows that.

6:53pm - Of course by this time he's also hungry, so he grabs another snowcone.  Purple snowcones apparently make him sad.

7:09pm - He takes it into the dining room to eat, where he finds Hawkgirl exactly where he left her, drinking another cup of coffee.

8:00pm - 3:46am - It's still a bit early yet, but he's tired so he heads for bed.  One advantage of getting to bed early is getting your pick of the beds, and he snags the one in the Rainbow room easily.  And he's decided to sleep in his workout clothes.

4:09am - By the time he wakes up, he's hungry for another snowcone.  Green snowcones make him determined.

5:02am - Then it's time to clean up his stinky self, which he prefers to do by taking a bath.  With a rubber ducky.

6:11am - Refreshed and renewed, he stops by the Living room where Hawkgirl was dancing in her underwear to try out a pick up line.  Which appears to have worked!

6:43am - But he doesn't linger there for long - it's time to work on his martial arts some more.  Maybe if he can catch up to Jason he'll say yes next time?

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