Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 9 - A Day in the Life of Nathaniel

8:01am - 10:09am - Nathaniel's day begins with him in the middle of a long chess session on the computer.  Perhaps he's hoping the logic points will help him with his strategy during this contest?  If so, this being the last day of the week, now is the time to be most concerned about it: the vote happens when his day ends.

10:56am - When he's finished he heads downstairs to prove that he's not immune to this household's obsession with snowcones.  It seems he favors purple.

11:22am - Ah, lunch...  Or is this breakfast?  The choice of apparel, timing, and food leaves that question unanswered.  Victor, like Nathaniel, favors a snowcone as Hawkgirl sips a cup of coffee and Selina eats a salad she prepared moments ago.

11:50am - As his stomach works on that meal of sugar, flavoring, and ice, Nathaniel heads upstairs to flirt with Two-Face in the Arcade.  Just because.

12:25pm - Then it's time for a bathroom break, though he seems to be having trouble with the flushing mechanism.  Good thing real toilets aren't as finicky as Sim toilets.

1:00pm - Once he has that problem figured out, he heads outside to flirt with Jason.  Just because.

1:44pm - No sooner has he done that, than he heads for the kitchen and puts the rest of the salad that Selina made in the fridge for safekeeping.  Other Sims may want some later.  Assuming they don't eat a snowcone instead.

1:51pm - Though immediately after putting away the salad, he helps himself to a single person portion of it - maybe he decided it looked good?

2:14pm - This time the Dining room is vacant, except for Hawkgirl who is nursing another cup of coffee.

3:35pm - 5:30pm - Then he heads to the Living room to play some video games, though I half suspect that the video game was just his excuse to be in prime eavesdropping position for listening to Victor flirt with Kory and Two-Face talking to Jason about the recent hailstorm - Two-Face, incidently, was proposing to Jason as Nathaniel walked in.

5:59pm - When he finishes, Two-Face complains to him about the dirtiness of the toilets in this place, and since they're friends Nathaniel doesn't mind being a listening ear.

6:04pm - Though when he voices his objections to Two-Face's meanness, their relationship takes a sudden nose dive.

6:37pm - Perhaps needing to cool off after that unpleasant conversation, he decides that it's shower time.

7:32pm - Once he's all clean, he decides to try again with Two-Face, but the attempt falls flat - especially when Two-Face starts speaking such madness that it really creeps Nathaniel out.

8:24pm - Perhaps needing to clear his head again, he retreats back into the bathroom and cleans the showertub.

8:58pm - This time he opts for a quick chat with Jason, perhaps figuring it's not a good idea to push his luck with Two-Face again.  At least this is one conversation that goes well.

9:45pm - Then he spots Kory in the Living room and tells her a funny story.  Always good to make sure you're on the good side of the most popular person in the house before bedtime on a Saturday, right?

10:35pm - 4:13am - Speaking of bedtime, though it's a little early he decides to go to bed immediately afterward.  Better to wake up too early than to stay up and not get a bed when you had the chance.

4:37am - Unfortunately, as several other contestants had the same idea, they also end up wanting a morning snowcone at the same time so there's a bit of a line to get one.

4:55am - When Hawkgirl has hers, he cuts in front of Kory and Victor to get one, which causes Victor to give up on a snowcone completely, though Kory waits it out with only a little impatience.

5:15am - Mmm, sweet, delicious purple snowcone!

5:22am - Ack!  Brain freeze!

5:44am - Now that his belly isn't completely empty, time for a bathroom break.

6:33am - With little time left until the vote, he heads upstairs to flirt with Hawkgirl.  Because who wouldn't while she's wearing that?  And getting more points with her and Kory certainly doesn't hurt anything, does it?  Though if anything, it seems Kory may not like him flirting with Hawkgirl.

7:12am - Though the girls leave shortly thereafter, and he finds himself alone except for Victor.  But hey, might as well tell him a funny story while he's here, right?

8:00am - Perhaps figuring he's done all the last minute socializing he can, he heads down and grabs a book to read.  A Magnetic Attraction is a long, trashy romance novel by Grant Rodiek.

And when the votes come in, it's Hawkgirl who is given the boot this week.  Perhaps her friendship with Kory made her too relaxed, but being the best friend of the household's most popular Sim doesn't mean anything if you neglect to bring the others onto your side.

And that's the end of Week 9!  No doors get locked this time, which means that, for the first time, it's now actually possible for our contestants to go to bed at the same time.  If they share, that is, which is still a big if.  But with the house down to just six Sims (look at how small that table is!), this contest just gets more and more heated.

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