Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 9 - A Day in the Life of Jason

8:15am - 8:55am - Jason's day begins, as usual, with him fast asleep.  He's a Night Owl, so he's rarely in a hurry to get to bed and is therefore asleep while the rest of the contestants are starting their day much of the time.

Those who did get up earlier are being productive, like Two-Face who has earned his black belt.  Though he'd rather show you his swimsuit.

9:26am - When he gets up it's still early, at least by his standards, but he finds some waffles waiting to be eaten in the kitchen.  They were made by Kory earlier in the morning.

9:46am - Though before he can even eat them he drops them on the floor and runs to the bathroom.

10:30am - Once that business is taken care of, he grabs another plate of waffles and takes it outside to eat since it's a lovely fall day.  Though he doesn't seem to feel the need to actually sit with anyone and neither does Hawkgirl.

11:56am - 1:09pm - After he eats, it's time to break space rocks on the board breaker!  Never mind that he's already maxed the martial arts skill and this does nothing but spawn gems I have to clean up.  But it was this sort of dedication that caused him to be the first to achieve this rank.

1:43pm - Naturally, after all that hard work he's a bit sweaty and needs a shower.

2:22pm - Then he heads downstairs to the Living room for a quick chat with both Hawkgirl and Kory.  After all, you need to stay on their good side if you want to stay in the house.  He asked Hawkgirl how she slept and asked Kory how her day is going.

3:05pm - 4:53pm - Then it's time for a little fun so he tries his hand at the virtual reality action adventure game.  His adventures included:

Two shouts into the argument with the Captain, Jason tried a different tactic by pouring the superior a little coffee and fetching a warm pastry.  Apparently sucking up works well in virtual space, too!

The Sergeant's not going to be happy about this, not one bit!  Jason forgot to check the perpetrator for weapons and now the entire squad is running away with bullets whizzing overhead.  That's a big "oops" that might (virtually) sting more than a bee!

6:07pm - By the time he's finished it's time to vote on who gets to choose the group for the trip to the dance club.  Kory wins in a landslide vote of the maximum possible six votes (she couldn't vote for herself - she voted for Hawkgirl).  She invited Hawkgirl, Nathaniel, and Jason to join her.

7:13pm - Of course, the primary activity at the dance club is dancing!  Which everyone immediately does except Kory.  She's hungry and doing the second activity you do at a dance club: eating unhealthy food.

8:53pm - But eventually she joins in the dancing, just in time for Nathaniel to run off to the bathroom and Hawkgirl to decide she's too tired and heads home to sleep - she's a bit of an early bird.

10:23pm - The bathroom facilities at the club seem a bit... questionable, but beggars can't be choosers.  Though when he's through there, he finds that Kory (and therefore the party) has left so he leaves Nathaniel dancing alone and heads home too.

11:58pm - On the way home he saw a wild horse and he's apparently quite delighted by this.

12:20am - Having spent the evening dancing, he decides a little sugar to bring up his energy is in order.

12:44am - Which he eats alone in the Dining room.  Of course, everyone who could find a free bed is already asleep so he'll have to stay up until a bed becomes available, but unlike most Sims he doesn't mind this much.

1:13am - 2:45am - After all, it gives him extra time to make more of a mess for me to clean up.

3:03am - Though his space rock breaking is interrupted by Selina who, having gone to bed early the night before, is up already and in quite the flirtatious mood.  I'm sure he doesn't mind that one bit, especially if she's going to dress like that.

3:46am - Of course, another session of martial arts training means that he's in dire need of another shower.

4:23am - Then, just before dawn, he finally heads for bed.  Naturally, he's still asleep when his day ends.

And, once again, the early risers get things done while he's asleep - Hawkgirl has earned her black and gold belt!

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