Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 9 - A Day in the Life of Kory

8:00am - 8:32am - The next Sim to be randomly chosen to be followed is Kory, who starts her day asleep in the Rainbow room.  Victor had spent the night with her, but he got up early.

8:55am - When she wakes up, it's a purple snowcone for breakfast.

9:26am - Jason and Victor arrive just as she's getting up from the table, the former with a snowcone of his own, and the latter with a hotdog he made that's been sitting in the fridge long enough to go bad.  Oh well, guess Victor's going to be sick later.

9:51am - Like anyone, Kory likes a visit to the restroom as one of the first things in the morning.

10:15am - When she's finished there and Victor's finished with his rancid hotdog, Kory goes back to the Dining room to give him an amorous hug.

10:34am - She turns up the heat just a little by making a point of telling him he looks good today.

10:39am - And then he abruptly starts talking about witch hunting and Kory's just not interested in that.  After that he heads off to do some dishes.

11:28am - Kory heads upstairs to the arcade for a chat with Selina.

12:26pm - Though not long afterward Two-Face comes to ask her if she's caught any fish recently.  Nevermind that the fishing trip was weeks ago and she didn't go.  But she's a good sport about listening anyway.  Victor can be heard vomiting in the bathroom down the hallway...

12:39pm - Though she's disappointed that he's just not interested in listening to her talk about her high school.

1:51pm - Snowcones aren't very filling, so it's time for another one!

2:37pm - And after that, Kory finally bathes and gets dressed for the day.

3:17pm - When she gets out of the shower, she finds that Two-Face has made some mac and cheese and left it on the counter.  She stashes it in the fridge so that it won't spoil quickly.

3:38pm - Then she tracks down Selina in the Living room and flirts a little.  Right in front of Victor, who smiles even though his heart is breaking on the inside.

4:18pm - 4:37pm - After that she watches a little television on a very big screen.

4:57pm - Until she's interrupted by an abrupt proposal!  Remembering how upset she made him last time, she's careful to say no nicely.

5:29pm - And then follows that up with a little chatting, a little flirting, and a few jokes.  He's still not fully forgiven her for laughing at him last week, but this helps a lot.

6:33pm - When he leaves, she's back to talking to Selina.  At least until Victor interrupts to talk to Selina about witch hunts, which neither of them are interested in.

6:49pm - But Kory saves the situation by once again telling Victor how good he looks today - and Selina doesn't mind that at all.

6:59pm - Or perhaps she does and is just being passive aggressive about it, as she immediately starts flirting with Kory afterward - cue more Victor upset.

7:34pm - After all of that, Kory is hungry again and gets another snowcone to eat.

7:45pm - Selina joins Kory, eating a hotdog.  But not just any hotdog - this one was made by Bruce before he left, as the fridge is good enough to let it keep for that long.

8:33pm - After her snowcone, Kory heads upstairs and has a chat with her good friend Nathaniel.

9:18pm - Then she heads into the arcade to play some Synesthesia.

10:46pm - At least until Victor wants to talk to her about stealing some mummy's treasure, though Kory's not really interested.  She saves the situation, though, by telling him a funny story.

11:17pm - Time for another bathroom break before bed.

11:45pm - She easily snags the double bed in the Yellow room, as most of the household is still awake.

12:18am - Not too long afterward she's joined by Nathaniel, who spends most of the night but gets up a few hours before Kory on account of not being as tired.

4:35am - After he leaves, Jason comes along to snag his spot next to Kory.

6:08am - Kory, true to form, wakes with the sun and before it's time for the next Sim's day to start.

6:36am - She may have fed herself on nothing but snowcones yesterday, but this morning's breakfast is a bit of a salad she made a couple days ago that's still in the fridge.

7:15am - She eats alone, but it looks like Nathaniel's on his way with a snowcone breakfast and Hawkgirl is getting coffee after a sleepless night.

7:42am - Kory ends her day of being watched by once again telling Victor how attractive he is.  Then she runs off to complain to Nathaniel about the dirty dishes.

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