Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 10 - Love Is in the Air

Welcome to the next edition of Bat Brother!  And, as we're back to our regular style of posts, I'm back to jumping around taking pics of whatever I want and you get an entire week in this one post.  And we start with Two-Face, who is practicing his martial arts.  In his swimsuit.  In spite of it being visibly frosty outside.  But what else is new?

Well, perhaps convincing Jason to join him for a game of catch in his very unwarm pajamas is new?


With only six contestants to watch over, and most of their quirky behavior being old hat by now, it can be hard to find interesting things to show.  And then I notice Gordon, Lola, and Harley all standing outside the supernatural hangout next door, talking on their cellphones for reasons only the game's AI can figure out...

Winter is almost upon us again, but there's still time for one last pajama water balloon fight.

And apparently Nathaniel has earned enough of Jason's respect to get a salute - which I didn't even know he could do.  I think he went to military school for high school, maybe?


The first half of the week passes rather uneventfully, and before you know it our contestants are voting to see who will choose who goes to SimFest.  Not surprisingly, Kory wins.  And she selects Jason and Nathaniel to be her mantourage.

Selina, being left behind yet another week, tries her hand at cooking some Goopy Carbonara but burns it.  So she settles for a snowcone.

Two-Face is apparently not nearly so picky and eats it anyway.

The trio of SimFest goers arrive just in time to catch the first act - a local singer who is quite good at it.  And the audience seems to be having a great time!

Then again, there are certain advantages to certain Sims being gone, like the ability to flirt without causing jealousy...

Of course, two can play at that game...

Kory doesn't stick around to see the next act, however, deciding she wants to go home and eat.  Which is a pity, because watching a magician accidentally light himself on fire is rather entertaining.  In fact, this is the guy who ultimate ends up winning the entire SimFest...  Apparently this town is quite lacking in talent...

Jason heads home after that, but Nathaniel decides to stay for the entire event.  And is rewarded by the next act - another magician who picks him out of the audience to help her with a trick.

Of course, given the trick, he just hopes that she has more skill than the last guy.

But she does not.  Fortunately, he escapes serious injury and instead simply gets extremely annoyed.

But how can he stay upset in front of such an attractive audience?

In fact, come to think of it that magician who nearly stabbed him is rather attractive too...  Her name is Sonja Roe, by the way.

Meanwhile, back at home, Kory and Selina are some of the best trampoline jumpers you could ever hope to meet.  Kory lands on the ground, on her feet, believe it or not.

And here's Jason bragging to Two-Face about how many manly muscles he has after all his martial arts training.

Checking back on Nathaniel, it seems that even the end of the SimFest, nightfall, and the appearance of a zombie is enough to get him to stop flirting with Sonja.

He even challenges her to a water balloon fight.

Which is a rather common activity this evening, as it happens.

When Sonja finally leaves, Nathaniel's in such a good mood that he even says goodbye to the zombie before he makes his own way home.


The next day, drama suddenly envelopes the household when Kory spots Victor flirting with Selina and decides that she doesn't like that.

But two can play at that game - she immediately turns around and flirts with Nathaniel, which upsets Victor.  Though, as always, a little chat later and they're back to being okay with each other again.

That night, a rare event happens - a brief surge of ultra speed while Selina naps on the couch since everyone else found a bed - Kory's sharing with Two-Face, Victor's with Nathaniel, and Jason's alone but not friends with Selina.  So close to everyone getting a full night's sleep, but not quite!

When she wakes up from her nap, Selina makes some spaghetti.  And burns it.  Another snowcone for her, and this time nobody touches the overcooked meal.

In the morning, Kory and Victor further patch things up after yesterday's messiness over a video game.


Two-Face decides to try his hand at snowman building now that winter has come and there's snow on the ground, and comes up with this very evil looking guy.

Jason has his own ideas of fun things to do in snow.

Kory and Victor keep warm by staying inside and holding hands.

Two-Face's undiscriminating eating habits result in a trip to the toilet to toss his cookies.  Actually, I think this is the third time in as many days that he's made himself ill - though one of those times was from the virtual reality game.

Later, Selina talks to Jason about just how cold it is.  Then again, given what she's wearing, it's hardly surprising that she's cold.  Oh, and also, Kory's just said yes.  That's right, you heard me - she said yes!  Excuse me while I pry my jaw off the floor...

To say that Victor is extremely unhappy about this would be an understatement.

Two-Face and Kory are too busy to pay attention to him, however, as Two-Face is currently fixing the fact that he's never kissed his fiancee before.

Once he's over the shock, Victor and Kory later actually manage to have a pleasant conversation.  He even congratulates Kory on her engagement.  He's still really upset at Two-Face though, and he still like Kory, so it isn't exactly not still awkward.

That evening, which is also the last evening of this Simweek, Kory gives her fiance a back massage.

Which he likes so much that he proposes again.  And Kory says yes again.

Of course, tradition dictates that you have to keep the new couple apart so that there isn't any funny business until they can be properly married.  Therefore, Jason snags the spot in the bed with Kory.

And Selina shares the bed in the Rainbow room with Victor - feeling sorry for him after the day's drama, perhaps?  Since Two-Face isn't close enough friends with Nathaniel to share with him, he ends up bedless until someone wakes up.  He spends most of the night practicing his martial arts.

Though the first one to wake up is Kory, who immediately heads outside to give him a good morning makeout.  Perhaps she missed him while she was asleep?

Her engagement seems to have changed other things too - she's not particularly interested in flirting with Selina anymore.  But now it's time to see who gets voted out this week!  And the results are... complicated.  Victor, Selina, and Two-Face end up in a three way draw with two votes each.  For only the second time, those already voted out are called in to break the tie, and quite the decision they have:  Do they break up the happy couple?  Do they take away that relationship's third wheel?  Or do they force them to have to live with each other for at least another week?

In the end, Victor gets two votes, Two-Face gets five, and Selina gets six so she's the one who is leaving the competition.

And with that we end Week 10!  The Yellow room has been locked, and we're down to just five Sims left in the competition.

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