Gotham City RPG (often acronymed as GCRPG) is a Batman themed roleplaying forum that has existed since October 25th, 2010.  Which makes it rather old for a site of it's kind since these things tend to appear all over the place and then die extremely quickly.  If you're not familiar with such sites, it's essentially a place where people choose characters they want to write for, and we post messages back and forth to each take our turn saying what our characters did - kind of like cooperative story writing.  It's a lot of fun, especially if you find a good place to do it.  (And of course I consider GCRPG to be one such good place.)

I'm the Head Admin there, which means that I'm the one who is in charge of the place, but I have the help of very awesome staff members.  I didn't start the site - I was a mere moderator - but in June of 2011 Nat, the first Head Admin and site founder, decided to step down and give me the reigns since she wanted to run off and do other things.  I've been managing the place ever since.  But what really makes the place awesome is the sheer number of really awesome writers that we're lucky enough to have there.  We have a lot of crazy fun, and I hope that this little project I'm doing here only enhances it.

If you're not on that site and are curious about it, feel free to go poke around on it!  We love guests and new members there, though I do warn that if you're new to roleplaying jumping in on a site like GCRPG has a learning curve like running headlong into a brick wall - it takes some writing skill to keep up with us.  Though we've had some awesome first time roleplayers on our site come out of, for example, the fan-fiction community and other places like that.

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