Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 14 - Finale

Welcome to the last week of The Sims 3 GCRPG Reality Show Challenge!  This post will be short and sweet because most of the competition is pretty much over.  All that needs to happen now is for the evicted contestants to choose which finalist they want to win.  So for Kory and Nathaniel there's no reason to fight, and as they're both such friendly, happy Sims they don't want to either.

So they spend the week simply relaxing.  Or at least Kory was relaxing until she accidentally broke the hot tub.

It's just as well, as it starts to rain shortly afterward.  Though it's just as well, since it starts to rain shortly afterward.  Is it just me, or is holding an umbrella while wearing sunglasses and a bikini a really odd look?

Friendly hug!

Friendly hug!

The middle of the week arrives, and our finalists get one more shot at winning votes.  They invite everyone they can still remember (Sim memories aren't that long sometimes...) to a pool party, though a few uninvited guests came as well.  Everyone seems to be having a good time.

Though it does help that Jason is avoiding Kory and hanging out with Lola and Nathaniel instead.

And it seems that things have calmed down between Kory and Harvey during their time apart.  Time will tell if they ever warm up again, though.

Kory kicks back and relaxes during the party, while Nathaniel does a little of that but also makes sure that he works his way through the guests, chatting them up.  This is the last he and Kory will see of any of them before they vote, after all.

Of course, some things never change whether a Sim has been evicted or not.

After the party ends and the guests leave, Kory and Nathaniel go right back to relaxing and try not to think about the impending vote now that there's nothing they can do but wait.  Though I think they're playing to see who has to take out the trash - they're actually having a hard time keeping the house clean because it seems like when one of them decides to clean something, the other decides that they just have to interrupt them for a chat right then.

Friendly hug!

Nathaniel decides that the perfect time to go practice his tricks on the trampoline is in the middle of a rainstorm.

He's still dripping wet when Kory decides to sit by him as he reads and she enjoys yet another snowcone.

Friendly hug!

But finally the week reaches its end and the votes come in.  In the end,  Jeremiah Arkham and Black Mask vote for Kory to win, while literally everyone else votes for Nathaniel.  He won a lot of extra points by working the crowd at the party well, and because he kept himself away from the drama during the last few weeks - many of Kory's long time supporters backed Nathaniel instead in the end.  He wins a ridiculously large sum of money as well as the house they've been living in.


But wait!  It's not quite over yet - we still have an epilogue coming up that will answer questions like:  Does Kory get back together with Harvey or dump him for Victor?  Will anyone else pair up now that the competition is over?

And, of course, after that we have the much anticipated Part 2...

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