Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 12 - Loyalty

It's time for another installment of your favorite GCRPG related Sims blog!  And this is a short one, simply because we're down to only four Sims and the fewer Sims we have the lower the likelihood that someone will do something interesting.  And it's been a quiet week.  Though I personally am thrilled that the snowman gnome who appeared changed the radio from playing hip-hop, which I was getting sick of (it was Hawkgirl's favorite and nobody else seems to feel the need to mess with the radio), and it's now playing soul.  I'd prefer it if someone would just turn the thing off, but different music is an improvement.  But as cute as the snowman gnome is, he's not what you're here to see.

No, you're here to see Kory and Victor, aren't you?  Well, they definitely seem to be enjoying being able to express their affection without massive amounts of drama.

Nathaniel pulls a Selina - he burned the spaghetti, so he decided to have a snowcone instead.

While many, many Sims have practiced throwing the baton, I believe this is the first time that two Sims have actually played Gnubb together.  Sadly, Kory interrupted Nathaniel to have a chat with him before a winner was determined.

But while Kory and Victor are free to flirt as much as they want without Two-Face getting all upset about it, there is one small snag:  Jason still doesn't like it.  And not because they're doing it in the only bathroom with a shower when he desperately needs one - he's still best friends with Two-Face, who is still engaged to Kory, so he's still not happy about the flirting.

Nathaniel, on the other hand, is the only Sim in the house that doesn't have to worry about jealousy issues - he doesn't care who flirts with who, and in fact does more than his fair share of the flirting.  Even the mirror gets some of his attention.

He's also the only one now on good terms with Jason, who is furious at both Victor and Kory.  That's definitely not going to be good for him during the voting...

Though it's not like Kory and Victor haven't both tried to mend things with him, it just... doesn't go well.

When the middle of the week arrives and it's time to figure out who gets choose who goes on a tour of the Town Hall, the voting results in a tie between Kory and Nathaniel.  And since the winner only gets to pick one Sim to go with them, and they both would choose each other, I didn't bother to go through the complicated process of figuring out which was officially the winner and which one got to go with the winner - let's just leave it a tie, okay?

After the tour, Kory and Nathaniel bump into Selina, who is looking much more... alive than she was the last time we saw her.  But after all the drama in the house, it seems that Kory is definitely no longer interested in flirting with her.

After all the burnt food everyone's been making, Victor shows off his cooking prowess by making a very good pumpkin pie.

Despite the repeated failures, Victor is still trying to convince Jason that he's not such a bad guy, but Jason's not hearing any of it.

After all, he still catches Victor and Kory flirting with each other on a regular basis.

Even though Nathaniel occasionally causes problems for the couple because he also flirts with both of them and occasionally they catch each other.

But in the end, Jason's absolute intolerance for Kory's disloyalty to his friend Two-Face is what leads to him being voted out, getting three votes because Nathaniel prefers Victor over him.

And that's the end of Week 12!  The Red room has been locked, which means that our remaining three Sims get to share the one double bed, one toilet, and one shower in the Rainbow room.  Next week we find out who the final two will be, and only two more weeks until we have our winner!


  1. Did you know your blog was banned in Russia? I have to read it via proxy-server. Boy, are we have some messed up government here.
    Anyway, great story, can't wait to see how it all will turn out :)

    1. I didn't know that! Wow, I'm bannable? That's almost flattering, lol!

    2. Aw man, I want "The Doll House" to be banned somewhere :(

      Preferably North Korea. Kim Jong Un does NOT need to get any ideas from Ling Ling.