Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 13 - Choosing Sides

So, you are looking at the blog of the second-to-last week of this competition - next post is the finale!  And we have three Sims in the house all hoping to be finalists.  All they have to do is not be voted out this week.  And the strategy here is simple: while all three of these Sims get along wonderfully, to advance they need to convince another contestant to like them more than the other contestant.  Which means that everyone's going to try really hard to be the most liked in this house.  Here Victor and Nathaniel are bonding over a game of catch.

And here Nathaniel is flirting with Kory - which he does frequently.  And usually they don't get caught by Victor.  She doesn't flirt back, but then again she seems to enjoy it anyway.

And over here Nathaniel is flirting with Victor - which he does frequently.  And usually they don't get caught by Kory.  This is not one of those times.  He also doesn't flirt back, but seems to enjoy it too - when Kory's not around.

Bed time is a hard time because, though these three are all good enough friends to not have any trouble sharing a bed, there's just the one so whoever is the slowest getting there each evening gets to wait up for awhile.  Tonight is Victor's night.

The three have a strange dynamic - Kory and Nathaniel are excessively good friends, and in spite of Nathaniel's flirting it shows no sign of turning romantic.  Kory seems to have friend-zoned him, but he also doesn't seem to be trying very hard either.  Many friendly hugs are exchanged.  Kory and Victor's relationship is somewhat volatile - usually they flirt back and forth, but sometimes Victor will say something that Kory thinks is boring, and then when she tries to flirt he's still somewhat bothered by the fact that she was bored and doesn't care to be flirted with right after.  Nathaniel and Victor get along well, but also don't quite seem to understand each other even though they're very good friends at the same time.

Shortly into the week, Nathaniel masters the fine art of making sure the third Sim in the house is not in the same room while he's flirting.  Which effectively dissolves all tension in the house as that was the only thing anyone was getting upset with anyone about.

The middle of the week arrives, and here we see Victor enjoying an early morning jump on the trampoline.  And yes, he lands this trick.  He's been up all night because everyone was slow to get to bed, Nathaniel and Kory both beat him there, and they're still not awake yet.  He survives the day by drinking coffee.  Lots of coffee.

When evening arrives and it's time to see who goes to the Bistro, it's not Kory but Nathaniel who wins the right to choose because he managed to win over Victor.  He still likes Kory best though, so she's invited to go with him.

At the Bistro, the staff somehow managed to bring Nathaniel the wrong meal, but he ate it anyway and deemed it the most amazing thing he's ever tasted.  Afterward he and Kory had another one of their friendly chats.

But then they noticed the other Sims milling around and had a chat with them as well - Two-Face is walking past as Kory chats with a townie named Tameka Newsome, while Nathaniel chats with Jason.

Fast forward a bit, and I've almost got everyone present in this shot.  Jeremiah Arkham is sitting at the table, Nathaniel's gotten into a water balloon fight with Selina, Harley's behind them talking to herself, Two-Face is contemplating bed, and Kory's gotten into a water balloon fight with Tameka, who is just off camera.  Phew!

Fast forward a little more, and Tameka's left but Jeremiah's taken her place, Nathaniel's still doing battle with Selina, and Two-Face is taking a phone call.

By the time they get home Victor's given up on coffee and is in bed.  Kory joins him, and Nathaniel's the one who gets to wait up.

The next day, Kory decides that a hot summer's day is the perfect day to try a cold weather sport.  And she doesn't seem to be too good at it, poor girl.

When Nathaniel and Victor beat her to the bed that evening, she decides that a midnight swim is in order, and that seems to agree with her more.  CANNONBALL!

Of course, the fact that Kory then goes to bed after Nathaniel and Victor wake up makes it extremely easy for Nathaniel to flirt with Victor all he wants the next morning.

Because of all the flirting, Victor votes for Kory to leave and not Nathaniel.  However, since both Nathaniel and Kory voted for him to leave, he's the one who goes.

But hey, third place is not bad - especially when you get to ride off in style on your motorcycle instead of having to grab a taxi instead.

And then there were two...

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