Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 6 - Strengthening Bonds

And it's time for another installment of everyone's favorite GCRPG related Sims 3 blog!  We're halfway through Week 6, but in spite of being voted out last week it seems that Ace has the last laugh on Kara who get blasted in the face by a booby trapped sink.

Perhaps feeling sorry for her, Victor offers her a hug a bit later.  The two of them are good friends, having bonded over many games of catch with a football or baseball.  Kara seems to be the only one in the house that doesn't get bored when Victor wants to complain about the supernatural.

Meanwhile, Harley gets caught flirting with the Commissioner...

While Victor is Kara's favorite person to talk into a game of catch, he's not the only one.  And Kara has a strong enough arm to throw even Hawkgirl off balance.

Meanwhile, Two-Face actually decided to keep up with martial arts training long enough to earn his white belt, but instead of showing it off he prefers to strut around in his best suit.

Selina is the second Sim to try out the mechanical bull.  Opting for the easy setting, she nevertheless doesn't have the finesse of a Texan and falls off before the ride is over.

One of Harley's favoritest hobbies is sneaking up behind other Sims and scaring them.  Pretty much nobody is amused by this.  Well, except for her of course...

Two-Face, on the other hand, continues to flirt with everyone.  This time the victim is Dinah, who actually doesn't seem to mind it at first since he keeps his ring to himself.

Then again, they don't exactly have much in common so perhaps the argument is inevitable.

But for our contestants who do get along, friendships have their advantages.  Except for the teens, who won't share a bed with anyone no matter how much they like them, if a friend snags a double bed then you can still get some sleep since they'll share.  Hawkgirl was nearly out of luck finding a bed this evening, but she's friends with Kory so she was able to share the bed in the Red room with her.

At least until a pillow fight broke out between Nina and Dinah.  As she's a light sleeper, Hawkgirl was woken up and wasn't happy about it at all.  But she did have some business to attend to in the bathroom, though by the time she was finished Kory had gotten up and Dinah had stolen the bed in the Red room for herself.  Luckily, Jason had also just woken up in the Rainbow room so Hawkgirl was able to steal that bed.  Some nights in this house are like a game of musical beds.

After getting a good night's rest in the Red room, Dinah puts in some more training time and earns her brown belt.

And then celebrates by joining Kara and Jason by playing a video game - which she seems to be losing...

The next evening, Bruce investigates some mysterious lights...

Looks like he's won a free trip off the lot!  Not that that getting probed by aliens is a very good prize...

They drop him back off in front of the house a short time later.

The rest of the household seems blissfully unaware of Bruce's little adventure.  And once again Kory's willing to share her bed, though this time it's with Victor.

And also, this time there's some snuggling involved...

Back outside, Gordon has earned his brown belt!  Though the snowclown behind him doesn't seem very happy about it.

The in the wee hours of the morning, Victor wakes up to a proposal from Two-Face.  He gives the camera a nervous smile before he says no as nicely as possible.

And then, just before sunrise, Jason masters the martial arts skill and earns his black and gold belt.  Which means, on one hand, he's back to having a massive lead on his fellow contestants when it comes to his martial arts skill.  But, on the other hand, he can't get any better than he is now so they ought to be able to catch up if they keep practicing.

Hawkgirl and Two-Face seem to be giving eachother a rather, um, close hug.  Now that's interesting...

And during the final night of Week 6, Kory and Victor share the bed in the Red room, once again looking very cozy...

Sadly, due to a slight glitch, the contestants voted out this week decided to poof directly out of the house so I didn't get pics of them leaving.  But with three votes apiece, the contestants have voted out:  Kara, Gordon, and Harley.  Which may come as a surprise to some, but as pretty much everyone who was disliked in the house has already been voted out the contestants are now voting out the Sims they don't really like or dislike - to be completely safe now they have to actually have the good opinion of all of their fellow contestants.  And now Week 6 is finished and the Brown room is locked.  Stay tuned to see what happens during Week 7!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Week 6 - Winter Wonderland

Yay, another blog post!  This one will be a short one, primarily because I'm only giving you a half week this time and because our contestants kicked out most of the violent Sims last week.  Those who are left seem happy to leave the drama behind and focus on actually making friends.  Among other things, like playing in the snow - this angel is Victor's fault.

Though Nathaniel prefers flirting with Bruce in the bathroom of the Rainbow room over snow angels.

But how Sims choose to enjoy the winter weather seems very individual.  Take Harley, for instance, who has clearly not learned her lesson after what happened to her last week in spite of Victor and Jason's excellent demonstrations of what one should wear out in the snow.

Perhaps all the fuss about our more serious marital artists is what prompts Harvey to try his hand at it.  He gets distracted before he earns his white belt though.

There are, after all, so many pretty women in this household that he needs to flirt with, though he refrains from trying any more proposals... for now...

Hawkgirl may not be most focused of our martial artists, but she's finally earned her green belt.  Meanwhile, Harley asks Nina if she's caught anything recently.  In spite of the fact that nobody's gone fishing since last week and she wasn't invited...

To celebrate her new belt, Hawkgirl asks Nathaniel to dance.  And Harvey asks Selina if she isn't cold wandering around the house in her sexy lingerie all day.  (This pic was taken at 2pm.  And this is extremely normal Selina behavior...)

I've recieved complaints about a lack of Tim in this blog.  I don't really try to give the various Sims equal screen time - I just go around taking pics of things I find interesting.  If a Sim fails to be interesting, they don't get pics.  And Tim is really good at not being interesting.  Here, for example, he's watching the big screen by himself.  Some show about robots.

And here he is playing chess by himself...

See, Jason listening to Hawkgirl tell a scary story immediately after making an evil snowman is far more interesting.

Switching from playing chess on a real chess set to one of the computer, on the other hand, not interesting!  So let's give up on pics of Tim, okay?

Hawkgirl challenged Bruce to an outdoor pillowfight during a snowstorm.  And amazingly, he accepted.  And even more amazingly, he seems to be enjoying it.

Harley has her own ideas about the best way to have fun in the snow.  Like jumping on the trampoline in her bikini!  But now we've hit the middle of the week and it's time for everyone to vote on who gets to choose who goes to the winter festival.

And just edging out Nathaniel with four votes to his three is Kory!  She chooses Two-Face, Harley, Gordon, Hawkgirl, Tim, and Nathaniel to join her.

While there's a number of activities to do here, the skating rink is of course the most popular.  Kory stuck with it the longest and therefore proved to be the best at it.

Having not gotten a bed for very long the night before, Hawkgirl quit early in favor of taking a nap on one of the cold stone park benches.

Having not be invited, Jason spends his day earning his black belt - which means that our other martial artists are way behind.

Kory takes a tumble, along with one of the local women who also turned up at the festival.

Harley visited the face paint booth.

And as the group at the festival headed home, Bruce was determined to not let Jason get too far ahead and earned his brown belt.   And that's all for this post!  Stay tuned for the end of Week 6 and see who gets voted out this time!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 5 - Can't We All Just Get Along?

Guess what?  It's time for another update!  And Black Mask sets the mood for this one by beating up someone who isn't Lola for once.  Of course, Black Mask beating anyone up anymore is such old news that nobody bothers to look up from the very big screen TV.

Afterward Kory and Kara play a game of catch.  If only their Sims could fly and had super strength - that would be amazing to watch!  Naturally, that's Bruce in the background trying to catch up with Jason's martial arts.

Black Mask, meanwhile, heads upstairs to the Arcade to beat up the woman he enjoys beating up the most.  And sadly, there is nothing that Oswald can do about it.

But not all women are so easily defeated, and here is Dinah trying to work her way back into the running for best martial artist in the household.

Though as it turns out, Lola doesn't let another defeat spoil her mood too much.  Here she's letting Ace off the hook after being grounded last week.  The girl has learned her lesson - don't get caught!

Only just earning her yellow belt, Hawkgirl doesn't seem very concerned about keeping up with the others.  It would cut into valuable dancing time, after all!

After being turned down by Dinah last week when he asked her to marry him, Two-Face decides to try asking Selina this time.  He gets yet another kind refusal.

Ace spends even more time brooding by herself than Bruce, possibly over how to continue pranking everyone without getting caught and punished.

In spite of his apparent attempts to find someone willing to marry him, Two-Face is just not interested in Nathaniel that way.

An intentional difficult part of living in this household is the fact that while there's quite a few bathrooms, there just isn't quite enough for the number of Sims.  Which leads to embarrassment all around when someone gets walked in on.  Kara is mortified that she accidentally walked in on Bruce on the toilet.  Then again, why didn't he just lock the door?

Don't you just hate it when your hand puppet turns against you?

Apparently Two-Face can snowboard in a suit just as easily as Selina can in a pencil skirt.

Is a swimsuit proper bull-riding attire?  Must be, since Victor is from Texas and therefore knows these things.  And he proves to be quite good at the activity... at least on the 'easy' setting...

Eventually Black Mask's policy of beating up women backfires when he picks a fight with Kory.  Very bad idea!  And it's doing terrible things to his odds of staying in the house - let alone winning the reward of picking who goes on the fishing trip.

Harley challenged Kara to a water balloon fight, and probably instantly regretted not picking an easier opponent.

But it's Victor who wins the right to select the fishing group.  And he chose to bring along Bruce, Two-Face, Kara, Gordon, Dinah, Jason, and Selina.  They seem to be having a good time in spite of the fact that it was raining the entire time.

Naturally, Victor rode his motorcycle there and back.  And he also took home the best catch: two jellyfish.

Those who weren't invited didn't have any trouble finding ways to entertain themselves while the others were gone.  Here's Nathaniel playing catch with a football and Lola.

But they soon head inside to join the mass rush to get a bed.  As always, there's not enough to go around, and it's first come first served.  Those who don't get one have to manage as best they can until someone wakes up and they can snag their bed.  Coffee is one option, and another is to take a nap.  Bruce has chosen one of the lounge chairs on the Balcony in spite of the fact that it's snowing...

This is where friendship can really pay off - Black Mask snagged the double bed in the Red room first, but doesn't mind sharing it with his good friend Nathaniel.  (insert your own joke about what they're dreaming about here...)

By morning the snow has accumulated and winter has officially begun, though given the fact that Dinah and Kara seem happy to go outside to eat their hotdogs in their somewhat skimpy pajamas makes me immediately question just how well our contestants will cope with this season.

Black Mask again finds the wrong person to try and fight - Jason has a blue belt, and Black Mask has none.

Possibly after a long think about the death of Mister J, Harley decides to propose to Nathaniel - who is surprised and flattered but quickly declines.

Meanwhile, Gordon finds himself getting sprayed in the face after someone tampered with the sink, though he can't figure out which teen to blame.  (It was Ace!)

Did I mention that these two don't get along very well?

Yet perhaps the repeated defeats at the hands of Black Mask prompts Lola to redirect her anger elsewhere.  Either that, or Jason said that her dress makes her look fat.

Either way, attacking him was even less of a good idea than wandering out in the snow in your underwear.

Um...  Bruce?  You finally flirt with someone and it's him?  Are you sane?

Meanwhile, Lola asks Kory for some advice on how to win fights.  Kory happily demonstrates the proper technique on Black Mask.

Perhaps admiring the easy way Jason handles those who fight him, Two-Face decides to ask for his hand.  Jason, of course, says no.

Aw, come on!  You want to marry Jason but say no to Harley?

Harley gets over that rejection by convincing Lola and Selina to swing with her.  Nevermind that none of them are dressed for the weather.

Don't look now, but Bruce has caught up to Jason and has his blue belt.

What Bruce doesn't seem to have is the ability to have a conversation with Selina that doesn't end awkwardly.

Um... Not a good idea Two-Face...  Even beyond the fact that Dinah is definitely not the right woman to slap, you don't want to be on the bottom three this week.

Gordon has earned his blue belt, so he's now caught up with Jason and Bruce.

And so has Dinah, who has managed to come from behind to make it a four way tie at this point.

One day left until everyone votes, and here Nathaniel demonstrates the proper attire for this activity.

While Kara is the first one to decide to build a snowman.  Black Mask builds one as well.

But it's around that time that wandering around outside in her bikini finally catches up with Harley and she freezes solid.

Quick interruption to announce that Jason is ahead once again and now has his brown belt.

Having not had a Sim freeze on my watch before, I wasn't sure what would happen.  But it seems that helping unfreeze a person is an autonomous action so Harley is okay.  Well, except that she has to be thawed out twice more before she finally thinks to go inside and warm up.

Meanwhile, Lola discovers an opponent she can defeat - Black Mask's snowman.

That evening, Kara decides to build and igloo.  This may actually help with the scarce bed problem, if our contestants think to use it.

Hawkgirl is too busy earning her orange belt to sleep, however.  But the week is over, so it's time to count votes.  With 7 votes against him, the first one to leave this week is...

Black Mask, who seemed to be literally trying to make more enemies than Lola.  And he succeeded too!

Speaking of Lola, with 6 votes she'll be leaving us as well.  She actually had a decent relationship with quite a few of her fellow contestants, but quite a few really didn't like her.

Last but not least, Ace got 4 votes and is therefore saying goodbye as well.  At least she doesn't look unhappy about leaving.  Though perhaps it's because most of the sinks in the house she's leaving behind are currently booby trapped thanks to her.

And then there was 14...  The Blue room has been locked, and Week 6 has begun.  What will happen next?  Stay tuned to find out!