Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 4 - Well, Hello There!

Between the game's inability to keep up with the number of Sims at first last week and then the massive number of deaths, our contestants didn't have much time to get to know each other last week.  But already at the beginning of this week they're starting to fix that.  Here, for example, Harvey is flirting with Harley - and she doesn't seem to mind!

On the other hand, Tim's expression speaks for itself when it comes to how he feels about Lola talking about herself.

Jason and Dinah also continue their friendly(?) competition to be the best fighter in the household.  Unfortunately for Dinah, she needs a bathroom break a lot sooner than Jason does.

He earns his orange belt well before she does.

After catching Tim in the act of setting a booby trap, Nina has no choice but to ground him.  But the lesson may not be taken to heart, as his attention seems to be elsewhere...

Down in the Kitchen, Dinah's gotten into an argument with Harley, which surprises nobody.  Neither is the fact that Harley appears to be losing.

But it's probably just her being grumpy that Jason go so far ahead of her in his martial arts, as that evening she heads back outside to try and catch up.

With Autumn nearly upon our Sims and a storm brewing outside, Kory brushes up on her ghost stories, and is trying one out on Lola.

But apparently the pouring rain was deemed to be the perfect conditions for Bruce to finally start working on his own martial arts.

He finishes just in time to snag the bed in the Yellow room before Nathaniel gets there.  As these two are hardly willing to share, that means that Nathaniel is out of luck.  At the moment there's enough sleeping places for all but two of the contestants if they share the thread double beds.  Since nobody likes anyone well enough to do that yet, that means that five Sims end up bedless - a good quarter of the household.  Those who wait too long to go to bed at night find themselves having to wait until the early risers start waking up to get any sleep, and they miss out on much of the morning's socialization as a result.

This first night of Week 4, Tim manages to grab the double bed in the Rainbow room.  It's Hawkgirl, Harvey, Dinah, Mary, and Nathaniel that get to wait up this time.

And with beds at a premium, you're not picky about which color you get.  Here's Victor waking up in the Pink room, with Jason still snoozing in the bottom bunk.

19 Sims make a lot of messes, and it's a lot of work keeping the place clean.  Especially for finicky Sims like Jeremiah, who does more than his fair share of that job when he isn't busy talking other Sims into cleaning for him.

It isn't just bedroom space that is tight - the number of bathrooms is also small for the number of Sims.  And it doesn't help when Sims tend to congregate in them after wandering in there and forgetting why.  Here Selina is flirting with Victor in the bathroom of the Yellow room.  I'm not sure why Kara is even here, but Nina's about to shoo them all out of the room so that she can use the toilet in peace.

Shortly thereafter, she shows off her "jumping on the trampoline while wearing heels" skills.  But if you think that's impressive, you should see what Selina can do!  But that's later...

Right now Kory and Lola are flirting back and forth while Tim is just standing there, uncomfortably close to them.

Ace will eat a snowcone, but she's not about to be at all cheerful about it.

And here's Kara, pondering life, the universe, and everything while just sitting in the sandbox.  Don't ask why - it's a teenager thing.

Or maybe she's just trying to be conveniently far away when the booby trap she put on the sink explodes in Hawkgirl's face.

In other news, Lola is still not getting along with Black Mask at all.

In fact, he proves to be so infuriating that she can't help but slap him in the proper manner of an offended lady.

Of course, Black Mask is hardly a gentleman enough to refrain from responding in kind.

In fact, he's more of the opinion that there's no revenge quite like overkill and it turns into an outright brawl.

Which he wins again, of course.

Perhaps intending to intervene next time, Commissioner Gordon practices his martial arts a bit more, beating out Bruce, who apparently had the same idea.  But clearly a chief of police has more need to train than a billionaire playboy.

He earns his yellow belt before he's through this time.

Meanwhile, Selina is flirting with Hawkgirl just a little.  One wonders with all the flirting going on in all directions in this house how much of it is sincere and how much of it is trying to win votes.

But Mary has finally hit Dinah's last nerve and she clearly no longer cares whether or not she gets her vote.

And not unsurprisingly, Dinah kicks her butt too.

While most of the flirting in the household seems to be taken well by all parties, Harvey is here learning that some people just aren't interested...

Meanwhile, Bruce earns his yellow belt now that the equipment he needs for his training is available.

But it seems that some people are just so naturally talented that they don't need any training - this is Selina's first try at the snowboard halfpipe.

I'd like to see someone else even try doing this while wearing a pencil skirt!

After Bruce switches from the training dummy to the board breaker, Hawkgirl decides it's about time she had a go at it and earns her white belt.

And Bruce earns his orange belt from the board breaker, surpassing Dinah's skill and tying Jason.

 The weather turns colder as Autumn hits hard, and Kara decides to celebrate the occasion by playing on the water slide in her winterwear.

The next morning, Dinah insists on not letting the men get too far ahead and finally finishes earning her orange belt.

Meanwhile, Nina's back on the trampoline, this time dressed for the cold.  When the Commissioner joins her, however, he seems to think that his pajamas are warm enough.

After spending all that time training outside, Dinah warms up again by playing video games with Harvey.

When they're through, Harvey heads upstairs only to run into an angry teenager who doesn't seem to like him much.

Nathaniel is meanwhile having better luck in his conversation with Nina, finding in her someone finally willing to accept his flirting.  Perhaps with Edward completely out of the picture she's more willing to play the field.

Later he heads downstairs to the Living Room.  Did I mention their wall-sized TV is spectacular?  Ace and Kara bond over a video game so epic that several adults are watching.

Once he's no longer distracted by the big screen, Jason heads outside to earn his green belt - with Bruce now caught up to him and Dinah, he's going to have to train much harder if he wants to stay in the lead.

Hawkgirl, on the other hand, seems more interested in fashion design at the moment than she is on increasing her martial arts skills.  Ace seems to appreciate her taste in pants.

But Bruce seems raring to keep up with his former sidekick, earning his green belt as well.

Now at the other end of the yard, Jason decides a conversation with Dinah is in order, though his attempts to flirt with her fall flat.

Oblivious both to that bit of drama and the fact that it's not a good idea to play in the sprinklers in your swimsuit at night when there's frost on the ground is Harley.

And Nathaniel is oblivious to the fact that Lola doesn't appreciate his man stink until after he tries to flirt with her.  Or maybe he thought it was worth a shot because we're now at the morning of Day 4 at this point, and he's going to need more votes if he wants to earn the right to pick the group of Sims going to the movies this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Hawkgirl convinces Gordon to dance with her in the Living Room, either because she has the same idea or because she really does like dancing that much.

And when they're through, Harley takes the opportunity to use the big screen for a short workout.  Maybe if she improves her figure they'll be more likely to pick her?

But no, when the votes are tallied, it's Kory who gets to pick the movie goers, and she chooses Lola, Kara, Black Mask, Harvey, Tim, Jason, and Nathaniel to go with her.  Here they are leaving the theater, and by all accounts they had a good time.

When they return back home they find Hawkgirl and Dinah are having their own good time dancing to the radio together.

And that's all there is for this blog post - some weeks like Week 1 I may post at once, while others like this one I'll be making in installments.  It all depends on how much time I have to play, how often, etc.  So stay tuned for the rest of Week 4!

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