Friday, February 22, 2013

Week 6 - Winter Wonderland

Yay, another blog post!  This one will be a short one, primarily because I'm only giving you a half week this time and because our contestants kicked out most of the violent Sims last week.  Those who are left seem happy to leave the drama behind and focus on actually making friends.  Among other things, like playing in the snow - this angel is Victor's fault.

Though Nathaniel prefers flirting with Bruce in the bathroom of the Rainbow room over snow angels.

But how Sims choose to enjoy the winter weather seems very individual.  Take Harley, for instance, who has clearly not learned her lesson after what happened to her last week in spite of Victor and Jason's excellent demonstrations of what one should wear out in the snow.

Perhaps all the fuss about our more serious marital artists is what prompts Harvey to try his hand at it.  He gets distracted before he earns his white belt though.

There are, after all, so many pretty women in this household that he needs to flirt with, though he refrains from trying any more proposals... for now...

Hawkgirl may not be most focused of our martial artists, but she's finally earned her green belt.  Meanwhile, Harley asks Nina if she's caught anything recently.  In spite of the fact that nobody's gone fishing since last week and she wasn't invited...

To celebrate her new belt, Hawkgirl asks Nathaniel to dance.  And Harvey asks Selina if she isn't cold wandering around the house in her sexy lingerie all day.  (This pic was taken at 2pm.  And this is extremely normal Selina behavior...)

I've recieved complaints about a lack of Tim in this blog.  I don't really try to give the various Sims equal screen time - I just go around taking pics of things I find interesting.  If a Sim fails to be interesting, they don't get pics.  And Tim is really good at not being interesting.  Here, for example, he's watching the big screen by himself.  Some show about robots.

And here he is playing chess by himself...

See, Jason listening to Hawkgirl tell a scary story immediately after making an evil snowman is far more interesting.

Switching from playing chess on a real chess set to one of the computer, on the other hand, not interesting!  So let's give up on pics of Tim, okay?

Hawkgirl challenged Bruce to an outdoor pillowfight during a snowstorm.  And amazingly, he accepted.  And even more amazingly, he seems to be enjoying it.

Harley has her own ideas about the best way to have fun in the snow.  Like jumping on the trampoline in her bikini!  But now we've hit the middle of the week and it's time for everyone to vote on who gets to choose who goes to the winter festival.

And just edging out Nathaniel with four votes to his three is Kory!  She chooses Two-Face, Harley, Gordon, Hawkgirl, Tim, and Nathaniel to join her.

While there's a number of activities to do here, the skating rink is of course the most popular.  Kory stuck with it the longest and therefore proved to be the best at it.

Having not gotten a bed for very long the night before, Hawkgirl quit early in favor of taking a nap on one of the cold stone park benches.

Having not be invited, Jason spends his day earning his black belt - which means that our other martial artists are way behind.

Kory takes a tumble, along with one of the local women who also turned up at the festival.

Harley visited the face paint booth.

And as the group at the festival headed home, Bruce was determined to not let Jason get too far ahead and earned his brown belt.   And that's all for this post!  Stay tuned for the end of Week 6 and see who gets voted out this time!

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