Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 6 - Strengthening Bonds

And it's time for another installment of everyone's favorite GCRPG related Sims 3 blog!  We're halfway through Week 6, but in spite of being voted out last week it seems that Ace has the last laugh on Kara who get blasted in the face by a booby trapped sink.

Perhaps feeling sorry for her, Victor offers her a hug a bit later.  The two of them are good friends, having bonded over many games of catch with a football or baseball.  Kara seems to be the only one in the house that doesn't get bored when Victor wants to complain about the supernatural.

Meanwhile, Harley gets caught flirting with the Commissioner...

While Victor is Kara's favorite person to talk into a game of catch, he's not the only one.  And Kara has a strong enough arm to throw even Hawkgirl off balance.

Meanwhile, Two-Face actually decided to keep up with martial arts training long enough to earn his white belt, but instead of showing it off he prefers to strut around in his best suit.

Selina is the second Sim to try out the mechanical bull.  Opting for the easy setting, she nevertheless doesn't have the finesse of a Texan and falls off before the ride is over.

One of Harley's favoritest hobbies is sneaking up behind other Sims and scaring them.  Pretty much nobody is amused by this.  Well, except for her of course...

Two-Face, on the other hand, continues to flirt with everyone.  This time the victim is Dinah, who actually doesn't seem to mind it at first since he keeps his ring to himself.

Then again, they don't exactly have much in common so perhaps the argument is inevitable.

But for our contestants who do get along, friendships have their advantages.  Except for the teens, who won't share a bed with anyone no matter how much they like them, if a friend snags a double bed then you can still get some sleep since they'll share.  Hawkgirl was nearly out of luck finding a bed this evening, but she's friends with Kory so she was able to share the bed in the Red room with her.

At least until a pillow fight broke out between Nina and Dinah.  As she's a light sleeper, Hawkgirl was woken up and wasn't happy about it at all.  But she did have some business to attend to in the bathroom, though by the time she was finished Kory had gotten up and Dinah had stolen the bed in the Red room for herself.  Luckily, Jason had also just woken up in the Rainbow room so Hawkgirl was able to steal that bed.  Some nights in this house are like a game of musical beds.

After getting a good night's rest in the Red room, Dinah puts in some more training time and earns her brown belt.

And then celebrates by joining Kara and Jason by playing a video game - which she seems to be losing...

The next evening, Bruce investigates some mysterious lights...

Looks like he's won a free trip off the lot!  Not that that getting probed by aliens is a very good prize...

They drop him back off in front of the house a short time later.

The rest of the household seems blissfully unaware of Bruce's little adventure.  And once again Kory's willing to share her bed, though this time it's with Victor.

And also, this time there's some snuggling involved...

Back outside, Gordon has earned his brown belt!  Though the snowclown behind him doesn't seem very happy about it.

The in the wee hours of the morning, Victor wakes up to a proposal from Two-Face.  He gives the camera a nervous smile before he says no as nicely as possible.

And then, just before sunrise, Jason masters the martial arts skill and earns his black and gold belt.  Which means, on one hand, he's back to having a massive lead on his fellow contestants when it comes to his martial arts skill.  But, on the other hand, he can't get any better than he is now so they ought to be able to catch up if they keep practicing.

Hawkgirl and Two-Face seem to be giving eachother a rather, um, close hug.  Now that's interesting...

And during the final night of Week 6, Kory and Victor share the bed in the Red room, once again looking very cozy...

Sadly, due to a slight glitch, the contestants voted out this week decided to poof directly out of the house so I didn't get pics of them leaving.  But with three votes apiece, the contestants have voted out:  Kara, Gordon, and Harley.  Which may come as a surprise to some, but as pretty much everyone who was disliked in the house has already been voted out the contestants are now voting out the Sims they don't really like or dislike - to be completely safe now they have to actually have the good opinion of all of their fellow contestants.  And now Week 6 is finished and the Brown room is locked.  Stay tuned to see what happens during Week 7!

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