Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 4 - Friends and Enemies

Sorry for the delay in updates, folks!  But I was sick for three days and getting back into the swing of things after that took awhile.  But the delay only makes you more excited to be reading this, doesn't it?  And so we begin with Harley, who in the middle of the night decides that she'd like to try her hand at this martial arts thing.  However, she gets distracted by something shiny before she even earns her white belt.

Meanwhile, Two-Face regrets his decision to eat a snow cone, as it's giving him a massive case of brain freeze.

The next morning, Gordon decides to work on his martial arts some more, but is soon distracted by Lola.  But who wouldn't be?

But once she leaves, he's able to focus long enough to earn his orange belt.

That evening, Jeremiah and Two-Face get involved in a slap fight, though it doesn't escalate any further.

And later, Selina and Jason are involved in the household's first case of bed sharing...  Though don't take this to mean anything, as they did nothing but sleep.  Then again, you wonder what exactly they're dreaming about...

Dinah?  The waterslide?  In your regular clothes?  When it's frosty outside?  Have you been hanging around Harley too much?

19 Sims are a lot to keep up with, so sometimes I miss exactly what happens.  In this case, I have no idea why Bruce decided to kick Lola's butt the next morning.  But they woke Gordon up.

Afterward, Lola tries to clear her head by having a quick chat with Dinah.  But when Dinah shifts the topic over to how cold it is, she's just not interested.

Meanwhile, Bruce decides to read quietly next to Nathaniel.

As rain starts to fall, Lola has spotted her nemesis, Black mask.  Nathaniel wishes they all could just get along.

Inside where it's dry, Two-Face abruptly decides to propose to Dinah - possibly after a series of coin flips goes horribly awry.  Dinah quickly but politely declines.

When the rain storm is over, Kory and Harley head outside to enjoy the swings - the former in her winterwear because it's freezing inside, and the latter in her bikini because she's Harley.

The martial arts rivalry between Bruce and Jason continues, neither of them willing to back down until their tie is settled once and for all.

Inside, Selina catches Ace trying to set a booby trap on the kitchen sink, and is not happy at all!  Harley, meanwhile, would rather eat a snowcone than take a very needed shower.

Undaunted by her first failure, Ace tries to set the booby trap again, only to be caught by Hawkgirl.  Who grounds her from playing Gnubb.  Well, fine, she never plays that anyway!

Clearly the kitchen is too crowded for setting a booby trap, so Ace heads upstairs to tamper with one of the computers.  But she's caught by Selina again, who grounds her for two days.

But the moment Selina leaves, Ace successfully booby traps the computer.  Mwahahaha!

Sorry, Two-Face, Nina just isn't interested in you in that way...

Downstairs, the animosity between Lola and Black Mask comes to a head yet again.  But this is so commonplace that Jeremiah doesn't even bother to look away from the TV.

After the big fight, Lola tries to cheer herself up by talking to Jeremiah about herself.  He's not that interested.

Angered that even a psychiatrist refuses to listen to her - hey, isn't that his job? - Lola gives him a piece of her mind with her hand.

Unwilling to put up with that, Jeremiah retaliates in a much more forceful manner.

And he wins without any trouble at all.

Quick interruption to inform you that Gordon now has his green belt.

Perhaps wanting to be alone for awhile after all of that, Lola licks her wounds by... jumping on the trampoline.  Okay, then...

Once she's calmed down, Lola heads into the arcade to talk it over with Mary.  The two of them are best friends, perhaps because they both understand what it's like to be more important than everyone else.  However, the week has ended so it's time to count votes and see who will be leaving us.

And when the votes are cast, having Lola on her side does not save Mary from being first up for eviction with four votes.  But opinions are very mixed about who the second Sim to be evicted this week should be, as the first round of votes results in a four way tie.  Another round of voting results in a tie between Jeremiah and Lola.  One last round of voting with only Jeremiah and Lola as possible choices results in a tie.

But when Mary is called upon to cast a deciding vote, she'd never vote against her best friend and therefore Jeremiah is the second Sim evicted.

Even as the two head out of the house, Jason sneaks in some time on the board breaker and earns his blue belt.

And that's the end of Week 4!  The orange room has been locked and the dining room now seats only 17.  Who will be eliminated next?  Who will flirt with who?  You'll just have to wait for more updates if you want to find out!  Hopefully I don't get sick again, so that will be sooner rather than later.

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