Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 11 - Rules of Engagement

Been waiting for more?  Well, I would have gotten this to you sooner if it weren't for the graphics card problems.  But hopefully this blog post is worth the wait.  Here we have Two-Face enthusing about his upcoming wedding... to the wrong person.  Victor is still very upset about it.  In fact, it's very unlikely these two will ever like each other again.

In fact, Two-Face's engagement to Kory seems to have had a ripple effect that touches the entire household.  Kory still wants to flirt with Victor, but he's not having any of it right now.

Nathaniel stays out of it while the dust settles.  Seems like any time he needs to get away from everyone he finds somewhere to play chess.  Which has happened so many time he's maximized his logic skill.

Though when he's finished, he finds that Two-Face is not interested in being flirted with for some reason.

But Two-Face seems to be the only one with any loyalty.  Kory insists that being engaged to Two-Face does not mean she can't regularly tell Victor how attractive he is.  Even right in front of Two-Face.

Though when Victor turns it around and tries to flirt with her, she says no...

Perhaps she should just stick with Two-Face, who still loves her in spite of all the bumps in the road.

Then again, she's also rapidly rebuilding her friendship with Victor, who seems to very much still want to be friends - but no flirting...

Perhaps worried about how Kory keeps going back and forth, Two-Face corners her in the bathroom of the Rainbow Room and suggest that they simply tie the knot then and there, but she doesn't think that's a good idea.

Though, only a little later, the two appear to still be getting along well in spite of the friction and disagreements.

Then again, perhaps all the drama is why Kory keeps spending the night with Nathaniel, who has become her best friend since Shayera left.  Their relationship is blessedly platonic.  Well, except when he flirts a little...  With Jason and Two-Face, also friends, sharing the bed in the Rainbow room, Victor is the odd man out tonight.

When she wakes up, Two-Face is there to ask her to marry him again, though this time she's less enthusiastic than she used to be.  She's only saying no because you're already engaged - or at least that's her story...

But, true to form, it isn't much later that she's giving him an amorous hug in the bathroom of the Red room.  Um, but can both of you please excuse Nathaniel?  He needs to use the bathroom for its intended purpose.  With only one and a half bathrooms for five Sims, finding one that's available is hard at times.

I took this pic to prove that sometimes the contestants eat real food and not just snowcones.  This is breakfast Wednesday morning - Victor is absent because he was up late waiting for a bed again.  Two-Face may be enjoying a snowcone, but Kory has some of that burned Goopy Carbonara Selina made last week, Nathaniel has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that Jason made at some point, and Jason has a hotdog he also made at some point - when they're not eating snowcones it's usually leftovers.  Anyway, this is the day that they get to pick a Sim who chooses one other Sim to spend six and a half hours at the spa with them.

Kory wins, though only with two votes.  She takes Nathaniel with her, and it will take them a week to forget just how relaxed they are now.  Nathaniel takes advantage of their time alone to flirt a little...

But though Kory heads right home, Nathaniel builds a snowman and then runs into Mary.

By now Victor's gotten over his upset about Kory getting engaged.  So much so that Two-Face is here casually interrupting his flirtations with his fiancee to ask him to take out the trash...

Huh, looks like Selina's become a zombie since moving out...

Victor enjoys the winter evening by hopping into the hot tub sans swimsuit...

Really, Two-Face, you don't need to ask her again.  Especially since things are a little rocky right now with how you keep catching her flirting with Victor.

And he's not the only one who's upset about that.  Jason isn't a fan of Kory and Victor flirting either - probably because he's best friends with Two-Face.

Victor nevertheless celebrates the fact that he and Kory are back on really good terms by making a snow angel face first.

To add to the complications, Kory's gone from minding it when Nathaniel flirts with her to not minding it at all.

Though the second Nathaniel leaves, Victor's there and shows that he and Kory's relationship is back to were it was before she got engaged.

Kory and Two-Face, on the other hand, find their relationship going steadily downhill.  Too many times caught cheating, perhaps?  All their interactions are becoming awkward.

And though Kory and Jason used to be friends, that relationship is shattered because Jason simply can't tolerate the way Kory has been treating Two-Face.

But when the votes finally come in, while Victor gets two votes, Two-Face gets three so he's out of the house this week.  To add insult to injury, Kory is one of the people who voted for him to leave.  Though perhaps the time spent apart during these last few weeks of the competition will help them repair things later?  We'll see...

But for now this is the end of Week 11.  And then there were four...

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