Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 0 - Welcome!

Ah, the obligatory first blog post where I explain what you've stumbled into and why you should stay...

First of all:  Hi, I'm Avalikia!  And while I'm a fan of many things, the two things that are relevant to this particular blog is my supreme enjoyment of a certain computer game called the Sims 3 and also a certain web forum called Gotham City RPG.  And because I am brilliant, I've discovered a way to merge the two into this little project.  Welcome to The Sims 3 GCRPG Reality Show Challenge!  Or, if you want a shorter name to call it, Bat Brother.

But before I explain that, let me finish the introductions!  I've already introduced myself, but allow me to introduce the various groups of people who will be reading this to each other:
  • On the one hand, you have Sims 3 fans - they're likely reading this because they're aware of the random hilarity that happens when you put a bunch of Sims together and let them run rampant.  Their purpose for being here is most likely casual amusement.
  • On the other hand, you have GCRPG members - they're reading this because those Sims running rampant are the Sim equivalent of their beloved characters on my Batman themed roleplaying forum.  Their purpose for being here is most likely to cringe at what their characters are doing and laugh at everyone else's.
  • And then there are the random people who stumbled here from Google while they were looking for something completely different and aren't quite sure what's going on.  If they aren't immediately scared off, hopefully they'll stick around long enough to decide it's awesome and join us.

Now, as mentioned above, what we have here is a special project I put together for the sole purpose of amusing as many people as possible, especially myself.  As I explained, the Sims you will see on this blog are the characters on Gotham City RPG - a Batman themed roleplaying forum - which will make this extra entertaining because instead of random Sims nobody really cares about, they are instead based on characters that people have spent sometimes years playing with on my forum.  And most of them are also canon characters from the DC Universe and therefore even people not familiar with that site will know who they are.

And what will we do to these Sims?  Hmm, how about we stuff all of them into one house, leave them on free will to do whatever they want, and then have them vote each other out in a cut-throat reality show style competition?  To the winner goes the Simoleons!  And, of course, epic bragging rights to their player.  Which is only fair, given how many humiliating pictures of their character's Sim they're going to have to endure by the time it's all over...

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